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Audio Production

We are story-telling mammals. So let's tell it right.

Do you have a story and need the right narrative? Hire Walrus.

  • Walrus has interviewed, narrated and produced.
  • Walrus knows microphones, studio's and editing software.
  • Walrus is personal.
  • Walrus knows how to tell a story.


People vs Walrus

by Marta_checko on itunes

"Well researched and thought out, interesting and curious podcast. Definitely recommend if you share any connection to Berlin and/or Germany/German culture. Kudos!"

by Buffalo VG on itunes

"Podcast is incredibly insightful, humorous and thorough. I listen learn and laugh. What more can you ask for?"     

by Beaver on Itunes

"...this is an excellent podcast created by a very enthusiastic host and an extremely knowledgeable co-host. I get so engrossed in the stories that I can't wait for the next episode but it is always worth the wait! Thank you Walrus!"

by brkaelin on itunes

"Fantastisch, I love this podcast. Had listened on the old format and glad I found the new one. An American obsessed with life in Germany. Thank you!!!"